About Us

Inspired by our Grandmother, Delores Homes is comprised of 3 primary entities: our training center, home health agency, and residential care homes.  Each entity works aggressively to meet the needs of its target clientele, while providing exceptional customer services and quality care under the direction of Dr. Brianne Ford. 






Frances Nzioki, a registered nurse with experience in travel nursing, ICU, and emergency care, is the Director of our Home Health Services.  Frances works closely with our community partners to meet the needs of older adults in need of home care.



Delores Homes Training Center, Inc. is a separate non-profit 501(c)3 entity founded in 2012 in an effort to bring a job training center to our community that would focus on building and uplifting families. Serving nearly 250 students each year, we are constantly growing and adding programs to meet the needs and interests of the families we serve.   Darleen Rogers is the Director of our Technical Education programs. 

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Dr. Brianne Ford


President and Director of Residential Services 


Frances Nzioki


Director of Nursing Services


Darleen Rogers

MS, certified trainer

Director of Technical Education