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Yes, nursing students who have successfully passed a Nursing Fundamentals course can challenge the Kansas CNA exam.  Qualifying students should contact the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services for instructions.  

Nursing students with an active CNA certificate in the state Kansas and a passing grade in Pharmacology can challenge the CMA exam.  Contact a local testing center for instructions. 

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Can I challenge the CNA or CMA exam?

Yes, we do offer 100-hour externship experiences for phlebotomy students. However, externships are awarded on a competitive basis and not gaurenteed for all studetns .  Students with stellar academic performance and exceptional venipuncture skills are given priority.  To apply, students may pick up an application from the DHTC office and submit it by the next deadline.  All externships are 3-4 weeks, between the hours of 3am-7pm, Mon-Friday.  The actual times and dates are determined by the facility and are not adjusted to meet individual schedules. 

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Does the phlebotomy course included clinical?
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Yes, Phlebotomy courses require a high school diploma or GED

No, CNA and CMA courses do not require a high school diploma.  However, if you do not have a diploma or GED, you will be required to take the Work Keys reading test, which indicates an 8th grade reading level. 

Do I Need a High School Diploma or GED?

Yes, if you have an out-of-state CNA certificate that is currently active, you can contact the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services for instructions for challenging the CNA state exam. 

No, the CMT certificate does not transfer to the state of Kansas.  To pass meds in Kansas, you must first challenge the Kansas CNA exam and then take the FULL CMA course. No clock-hours will be awarded for CMT courses completed in Missouri. 

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Will my  Missouri Certificate Transfer to KS?
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What other programs will you add?

Our goal is to one-day become a full job-training center, offering a variety of certificate programs to the public.  Right now, we are exploring programs that will appeal to males in our community and course offering for CPR instructors. 

Should I take an online class?
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Online classes are ideal for students who are self-motivated or familiar with the content area. We encourage future nursing students, persons who are previously licensed in other states, and those with healthcare experience to take our online courses.  Even though the course is online, our instructors are available to help you succeed.  However,  you must be an excellent self-learner and self-motivated to pass an online class.

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